When it comes to designing Office Space, at Simply Living we believe the approach should be..a working home away from home...

Due to the fact that most of us spend the majority of our working lives at the office, creative and functional design is essential to remain healthy, positive, productive and focused. This space should the place we want to get up and go to, a space that motivates and stimulates us while at work... sadly this is not always the case. At Simply Living we take great care and consideration when putting together concepts, plans and designs for an office project. We strive to create open, comfortable, stimulating, modern, functional environments, ensuring content productive staff and management.

From concept to completion, our designers and building team have been in the idustry for over 15years we understand the dynamics of the office space and how people function at work, closely following new trends and designs, understanding how the workplace has evolved over time, furniture trends and colour that enhance and stimulate workflow.

Simply living will consult with you, taking a detailed brief, then based on you Corporate Id, your colours, the function and image of your company, keeping in mind the image you would like to project and achieve. Most importantly the workflow and needs of your staff and management. We will then proceed to plan your space accordingly, producing a detailed concept that projects you company in the best light possible. Considering your budget and time lines. 

Once designs are approved we will proceed with working drawings and costings based on final designs and budgets, working closely with our project and build team to ensure value and quality.