Home is were the heart is, the place where we restore our energy, entertain our friends and bring up our children. At Simply Living we are passionate about every detail that will create a home to enhance your lifestyle..


We all love shopping and buying beautiful pieces for our homes. Ornaments, art, textures, fabrics, wallpaper... these are the finer details that make our homes more attractive, create atmosphere, enhancing the character and energy of the space. These choices might seem like an easy exercise, but believe me this is the most difficult part of finishing a home project...creating layers, blending colours and textures that enhance the space can be an expensive exercise, if you don't know what you are doing. Professional help can save you money and time. 

When it comes to purchasing or having to manufacture furniture pieces, this can become quite a daunting experience, due to the fact that there are so many choices out there creating confusion, making it difficult when coming to final choices and decisions. As designers we are on top of trends and styles that last, taking your needs and personality into account considering the style of your home and what you want to achieve. Having some guidance and direction can help eliminate confusion, ensuring you make right choices and decisions. 

Don't let your bedroom be most neglected room in the house! this is the last place you see before you go to sleep, the first place you see when you wake-up. This is where we dream, where we restore our energy, where life begins and ends..

At Simply Living it's not about what style or what's in style, it's about your style, your life style, your home style! We create interior spaces that are unique to our clients. Bringing together their ideas, their personality and the things they love into a beautiful, organised space that energises and enhances their lifestyle.

It takes time, energy and passion to create a happy, beautiful home!