nizwa sideboard

This beautiful teal sideboard with brass accent is truly a statement piece for the dinning room,adding colour,charm and style to the room, an imported piece from Bethan Gray Shamsian. Is available in Charcoal, Pink,Jade and white.

Server 3.jpg

Niwaza 3 door unit in gradient charcoal, if you want a more subtle contemporary feel...

See the different colour choices to suite your space...

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steel and oak sideboard

For a natural relaxed space,this steel and oak server would be my first choice,love the simplicity and texture,a stunning piece that would blend into the room. Sides and top done in the black steel framing the textured oak.





This beautiful corner couch, can also be made-up as a 2 seater or 3 seater,with elegant simple lines,the exquisite detail which sets it apart.






kate spade ottoman

Another beautiful piece by designer Kate Spade, a statement adding class and elegance to your space.


When it comes to occasional chairs I believe you need some for comfort and convenience, but at least one for interest and a statement. My statement piece for this month would be this amazing conversation piece...designed by Kenneth Cobonpue a unique combination of poly-cotton and steel.

dragnet chair


Love this masculine chair, gives the space a grounded feeling with its combination of vintage leather and wood...

NATALIE Sideboard

Another stunning design from this new range with a more modern feel,I love the simplicity and elegance of this sideboard.Also available in the Charcoal,Pink,Jade and white.

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colour choices..




rustic sideboard

This is a great find    for a rustic industrial space,industrial design being very much in vogue,easy to live with and a style which is here to stay. Practical for young families,animal lovers.Love the stressed wood panels with black steel.


   kate spade 3 seater

This is a really special piece,great focal point for a formal lounge or an entrance. With its bold design and attention to detail.


This cute ottoman, with a sense of humor is a great filler in any space to add interest and texture.  


wildcat chair


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