Cozy Interior Ideas For Winter.

It's May and we are well on our way into the winter months here in South Africa. Although our winters are quite mild we still experience some really cold days, while mid- day in general can be warm the evenings and mornings are rather chilly.

South Africans tend to live for summer, sadly neglecting our homes during winter, the truth of the matter is winter is the season to enjoy cozy days at home with the fire place going, warm soups, home cooking, enjoying our homes and socializing indoors.

This is a great time to warm up and re-invent our living space, creating an atmosphere that makes home the go to place on cold evenings and week-ends.

Natural textures are seriously big at the moment and in my opinion are here to stay. Introducing wood paneling onto a feature wall brings in a natural earthy texture, warming up the room instantly, plant features silk or natural, whichever suites your lifestyle better, simply hanging off the wood is a great way to lift the mood as we miss the outdoors during the winter months. 

When it come to new furniture purchases, I suggest have some fun and be adventurous, after all we only live once! there are some stunning new quirky, mid century modern pieces which bring life and fresh energy into a dull space.

Colour is the best medicine for a rather boring life and space! bring in some drama and spice-up your world with fun new colours like vibrant reds, deep blues, greens and pinks these colours are seriously current and can be a refreshing change, lifting the mood and encouraging conversation.

There is so much amazing art and photography around to choose from these days, quirky prints are a  great and effective way to change the atmosphere in the room, bringing in a new dimension, creating a focal point and modernizing the space.

These are some easy tips to energize your home for winter with some stunning pieces and ideas to take home. I will be talking more about winter ideas in the coming weeks, as I shop around for ideas and new stock...will keep you posted!


Some fun furniture ideas, mid century modern is the new rage adding colour and style to your home..


 rustic wood and black steel book shelf a great feature for the modern home...very current and simple.

love this book style with a sense of fun and adventure...out of the box glamour!

Don't let Valentine's day leave you feeling Blue.

Not being the greatest fan of Valentine's day myself for obvious reasons...the expectations, the pressure, putting the popular girls & boy's in the limelight, the ugly ducklings in the dumps!

Although I do think that in recent years people have become more sensitive, changing the perspective to sharing gifts and love with all...

Candlelit dinners for two, roses, chocolates and teddy bears clutching hearts is what come to mind as we approach the most   celebrated day of the year..the day of love...

Which can be a blue day rather than a red day for those who don't have their own true love or their lover has flown away...

The origins of Valentine's day is still shrouded in mystery, intrigue, romance and blood as the legend goes... St Valentine was the first to send the message..."From your Valentine" to his young lover before his execution. The sympathetic, heroic, romantic figure that brought the poetry and celebration of love into our world. 

There is also the Catholic Imagination filtering in, bringing with it mystery, passion, opulence, faith, love and intent, as the St Valentine's feast was introduced in the month of February to replace the Pagan celebration Lupecalia which was a fertility festival...    love ruling out love.

However in was Pope Gelasius who finally declared the 14th of February St Valentine's day in memory of the Saint, as time went by the day became associated with passion and love, helping people to express their feelings and emotions. Not a bad thing after all.

So in view of the mystery, the romance and drama associated with the one day dedicated to love. I think we should embrace it by creating and sharing an atmosphere of love ...