New Shades of Spring.

Spring always brings with it a promise of change and new beginnings.


The spring of 2019. I guess in no different, but I am sure that by the end of winter its not only me that’s totally fed up with the cold winter months, cuddling by the fire has now worn off and the change of spring’s bright happy warm feeling is a welcome gift of new life and fresh beginnings.

The decor and fashion world are sharing the new trends and colours for Spring, Summer and can you believe it 2o20 already!

Spring of course is a good time to start introducing some of the new ideas and trends into your home or office space, even though its not wise to follow every trend, I am pretty sure you will feel the need to refresh your wardrobe and home for the coming summer.

After a lot of research I get the feeling this year spring is all about fun, joy, family, a lot of happy. gorgeous pretty colours combined with natural elements.

Burnt orange, tangerine, mustard and dusty mid blues are currently in the spring spotlight, not forgetting blush pink and corals with deep and pale green being the go to colour this season.

The easiest way to introduce these fabulous new colours into your space is with a few funky cushions, bold statement furniture pieces or walls and of course wallpaper, which is fast becoming a must in every space.

spring colours 2019

The shades to consider and look for this spring inspiring healthier happy homes.

Until next blog, more on textures and summer trends.

happy days Sirene.