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An Interior Designers Journey... creating the right solutions for your living space ...

Layers of natural textures and colours, wrapping you in style and comfort is the inspiration behind our design for this space…

When we are quiet we are working!! But now finally I have some time to share one of the projects we have been busy working on.

Firstly, I cannot believe we are already heading for the end of this crazy year of 2018, well crazy for South Africans anyhow. The saying always goes, there is not enough time in a day, but now it seems there is not enough time in a year!

The Main Bed look 3.jpg

With this bedroom project I would like to take you on a small journey which will hopefully give you some insight to how the design process actually works, all the effort, energy and inspiration that goes into producing the perfect design solution for your space.

In all my years of experience time after time, I have observed that when you finally present your design solutions to a client, it seems that the ideas just popped into your head, taking no time at all. Having your client wondering why and what they paying all these fees for! when the design solutions appear rather obvious once presented.

Ok first and foremost …most important, is a consultation which we do charge a fee for; R920.00 per hour. We usually quote for 2hrs max, which quite honestly the consultation generally takes far more than 2hrs …in saying this, this time gives you a fair chance to pick our brains on every level and consider if you would like to continue with Simply Living as the designers for your project.

However for Simply Living this is a time to meet, get to know you, assessing your project, taking a detailed brief of what you would like to achieve in the space.

We will go through the project in mind, share ideas, giving solutions, looking at your plans, existing furniture, colours considering your final goal. With every project and space being completely different, we are versatile designers, designing according to the space, light and your individual style, personality and preferences.

At the end of the consultation it is important to to discuss expectations and budgets, also design fees to continue… this would include your concept design, drawings and a detailed costing. Once design fees are confirmed a 50% deposit is paid and we continue to create your dream space…

Ok so once we have the detailed brief, clients dream photo’s and deposit..the real work begins! Planning the Space, Sourcing the fabric, wallpapers, furniture pieces…mostly online at this stage, we create a library for the client, this might seem like an easy task, but it takes loads of time to sift through suppliers choosing finishes that will work, are up to date and most important that the client will love, at the same time checking availability and stock, prices to make sure you don’t blow the budget, which these days can be a tough call!

With this project our client wanted a more mature look, embracing a neutral timeless pallet, the space being rather limited was the main challenge, we managed to solved this problem by integrating the bathroom, dressing room and bedroom into one, with slight divisions which helped to create the the illusion of space, each room flowing seamlessly into the next.

The Main Bed Bathroom Top View1.jpg
The Main Bed Dressingroom Top View 1.jpg

Due to the neutral pallet, to create depth and interest we introduced a blend of natural textures, a herring bone wood flooring in washed oak, mixing soft whites and greys, this flooring being quite the look right now…adding a slight 3d effect into the room. The wooden floor flows into the dressing room, complemented by a natural porcelain 600x600 tile in the bathroom, here we used 3 shades,ranging from a dark textured grey to a soft light greyish white creating shadows in the space defining the flow. Offset by white and grey marble as a focal point behind the bath bringing all shades beautifully together.

Finishes Blog oct.jpg

Once we have the basic shell and plan working, its time to add the furniture, fittings and fabrics in this case all the furniture is custom designed and specially made up.

Wall Paper is a must especially in a space where you need to create atmosphere. Doing a feature wall is not the trend any longer, these days we will take the paper further. On this project I was drawn to the new Covers Sculpture range, I love the 3d effect of this Wall Paper! as it resemble the real deal. I used the Gila Sand for the main bedroom it has a soft, understated texture with a touch of silver to add glamour, complimenting the centre crystal chandler…

The mood Main Bed.jpg

Geometrics are real big right now and are here to stay for a while, we brought in a geometric fabric on the back of the chair, just to ground the otherwise soft space. Then a soft hint on the back cushions.

All furnishings and lines we kept modern, simple, making sure they blend seamlessly into the space, and do not over power the room. Bringing in a few glamorous pieces like the headboard and chandler.

The Main Bed Bathroom.jpg

By now you know how I love the concept of bringing nature in, this we achieved by making the bath a feature, opening up a huge window behind it, creating a plant wall outside for the view..this bright idea, brings light, space and nature into the room..

The Main Bed look 2.jpg

Once all the idea’s come together, we proceed with the visuals, mood boards, collect samples from the respective supplies and finally …Present ..

Once the client accepts the design and makes their changes, the real legwork begins with checking fittings, fabrics etc for real, doing all the required working drawings for contractors and manufactures…in order to put the costing together… now that is another story…

The Main Bed Dressingroom View 1.jpg

Hopefully this gives you some insight, as to all the work that goes into what seems like a simple design, and remember this is not an off the shelf process, every client, every project is unique…

Our next exciting home project which I will share once the concepts are completed...

Our client wants an industrial coffee shop concept in their upstairs lounge, cannot wait to get started on this exciting project…

will keep you posted

Simply Living Lifestyle Kitchens

First we eat, then we do everything else.
— MFK Fisher

Due to our love for design, lifestyle, food and healthy living, Simply Living is now happy to anounce that we are designing and producing lifestyle kitchens.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, this is where health and family begin and end. A good reason why the kitchen should flow into the living space bringing friends and family together, enjoying cooking, health and food,  Its time for kitchen designers to embrace a lifestyle concept, with the kitchen becoming part of the furniture in a fresh new way...

Blurring the lines between dinning, living and kitchen. I do believe being the most important and expensive room in the home, it needs to be designed with the whole in mind, not as a separate entity or room. Bringing the home together, the garden inside, with fresh herbs, textures and visuals a social space for friends and family, to chat cook and create.

We intend to design and deliver beautiful, timeless lifestyle kitchens bringing together quality, design and craftsmanship in a fresh new way, that considers the clients lifestyle, diet and personality..

In the following weeks I will be talking more about Kitchens, Lifestyle and Living Food..



New Office Project Phase 1

acino office space 1st phase design completed.

Hello July! Now we are really feeling the cold and hopefully you are all spending cozy evenings and week-ends in a warm, inviting space!

I guess we can all agree it's been a crazy year so far,  filled with a mixture of expectations and disappointments, price increases, load shedding, changes and challenges, in all this I guess we have to keep looking ahead, while striving for a better future, Improving ourselves and our environment.

This month we are happy to announce we have successfully completed the 1st phase of the Acino Litha office space,  one of the exciting projects we have been working on over the past few months. it's always an amazing feeling of accomplishment when your designs finally materialist into a real, live space! and your client is proud of their new fresh environment. 

 This is the magic of Interior design that keeps you motivated and working! starting with concepts, 3d's and plans then slowly watching the space transform into something new, modern and exciting is the most rewarding experience for myself and our team. 


Work and Home go hand in hand these days in view of employees spending longer and longer hours at the office.  Employers have now come to realize the importance of hiring a professional design team to  create and implement a comfortable and functional working environment, ensuring that their staff are happy and productive while at the office.

It's one thing though, to create amazing visuals and designs, but the truth is your designs are only as good as the contractors and project team that implement them. In this case I am happy to confirm that our design and build team BMC Projects made this a reality.

Thanks to BMC Projects the project was completed on time, within the given budget, quality and finishes ensured by constant supervision and attention to detail. With our client delighted to see their  management and staff happy and settled in their new workspace..

From a design perspective we opened up the work space, encouraging communication and work flow between the different divisions, considering their functions and roles.

To create interest and divisions between the different departments we introduced fresh funky colours which tied in with the Acino colours and image. Colour plays an important role in the way we function and interact, keeping this in mind the colours used in each section were carefully selected, researched and considered.

 Resent research confirms the importance of nature in the workspace and home for general health and wellbeing, we achieved this with plants and nature wallpapers, bringing the outside inside. 

We will soon be implementing the next phase which is already in design stage so watch this space for updates and enjoy...

In the following posts I will continue with winter tips to warm up the home...

Cozy Interior Ideas For Winter.

It's May and we are well on our way into the winter months here in South Africa. Although our winters are quite mild we still experience some really cold days, while mid- day in general can be warm the evenings and mornings are rather chilly.

South Africans tend to live for summer, sadly neglecting our homes during winter, the truth of the matter is winter is the season to enjoy cozy days at home with the fire place going, warm soups, home cooking, enjoying our homes and socializing indoors.

This is a great time to warm up and re-invent our living space, creating an atmosphere that makes home the go to place on cold evenings and week-ends.

Natural textures are seriously big at the moment and in my opinion are here to stay. Introducing wood paneling onto a feature wall brings in a natural earthy texture, warming up the room instantly, plant features silk or natural, whichever suites your lifestyle better, simply hanging off the wood is a great way to lift the mood as we miss the outdoors during the winter months. 

When it come to new furniture purchases, I suggest have some fun and be adventurous, after all we only live once! there are some stunning new quirky, mid century modern pieces which bring life and fresh energy into a dull space.

Colour is the best medicine for a rather boring life and space! bring in some drama and spice-up your world with fun new colours like vibrant reds, deep blues, greens and pinks these colours are seriously current and can be a refreshing change, lifting the mood and encouraging conversation.

There is so much amazing art and photography around to choose from these days, quirky prints are a  great and effective way to change the atmosphere in the room, bringing in a new dimension, creating a focal point and modernizing the space.

These are some easy tips to energize your home for winter with some stunning pieces and ideas to take home. I will be talking more about winter ideas in the coming weeks, as I shop around for ideas and new stock...will keep you posted!


Some fun furniture ideas, mid century modern is the new rage adding colour and style to your home..


 rustic wood and black steel book shelf a great feature for the modern home...very current and simple.

love this book style with a sense of fun and adventure...out of the box glamour!