Another Simply Living Interior Becoming a Reality ...

I am the bearer of a banner, I hold it high, While its lofty height above my head stands towering and strong, it’s weight reminds me of my beginnings, As it presses my feet into the dusty earth from which I’ve come, I remember..
— Xoliswa Tini


Life is a journey and as we travel our paths lead us to amazing opportunities enabling us to meet and work with people of vision, vibrant energy and tenacity, inspiring us with their passion and strength. People with a story!

Designing and executing Xoliswa Tini's new office space is one of those rare moments, being part of their vision, turning their brand and image into a 3d reality is truly going to be an exciting part of our journey this year.

The main objective was to bring the vision and story the company had already established as brand, into a modern, friendly working environment. An up-to-date modern space,embracing simplicity and functional design, projecting the vibrant young energy and stability of the company. 

We worked with their corporate colours, Red, Black and Grey, these colours depict the energy and image of the company, supporting their brand story. visually inspiring hope, passion and strength. 

Red; being the colour of blood reflects energy, passion and action. Black; strength, elegance and authority these strong colours balanced by Grey; which is a neutral, conservative colour that speaks formal sophistication. Light Grey: introduced to add a slight feminine touch, Splashes of White; purity, cleanliness to lift the mood!

The furniture and desks are a combination of black matt steel and oak, giving the space a modern industrial feel, the message is clear; this is a working space with vision and passion. Knotted Oak finishes introduce texture, warmth and grounding. Oak being an ancient wood with a reputation of strength, truth, knowledge and prosperity.

We then introduced fun, fresh visuals and wallpapers with happy couples moving into their new homes, empty boxes, painting walls in bright colours. This adds an element of youthfull energy, moving forward ... moving in... Xoliswa Tini an estate agent with vision..soon we will be posting the finished space, will keep you posted!