Our Next Project on the Go!

We happy to get started with our next Office Project..

This is an exciting project in terms of creating depth and dimension in an otherwise small and restricted office space.

Our client loves Africa and the symbol that the lion in Africa presents. We introduced the energy of Africa successfully into the space through subtle imagery, textures,  touched with colours of mist and sunsets, at the same time we have kept the design simple and modern.

I am happy with the overall effect of warmth juxtaposed with fresh whites, blacks and crisp colour. Also love the feeling of walking into Africa in each room taking you out of the space, out of the city..

As a designer it's first prize to hear the client comment "wow! you listened" in a presentation...

Most important when taking a brief to interperate your client's dream into a successful design that works and flows in the space, is up to date in terms of design and style...

As is our motto..

We Listen, We Create, You Enjoy!

As you can see from our last project, Acino successfully implemented as per design!

With Biophilic Design flowing through each space..

Office Space
Starring Jennifer Aniston, Ron Livingston