New Office Project Phase 1

acino office space 1st phase design completed.

Hello July! Now we are really feeling the cold and hopefully you are all spending cozy evenings and week-ends in a warm, inviting space!

I guess we can all agree it's been a crazy year so far,  filled with a mixture of expectations and disappointments, price increases, load shedding, changes and challenges, in all this I guess we have to keep looking ahead, while striving for a better future, Improving ourselves and our environment.

This month we are happy to announce we have successfully completed the 1st phase of the Acino Litha office space,  one of the exciting projects we have been working on over the past few months. it's always an amazing feeling of accomplishment when your designs finally materialist into a real, live space! and your client is proud of their new fresh environment. 

 This is the magic of Interior design that keeps you motivated and working! starting with concepts, 3d's and plans then slowly watching the space transform into something new, modern and exciting is the most rewarding experience for myself and our team. 


Work and Home go hand in hand these days in view of employees spending longer and longer hours at the office.  Employers have now come to realize the importance of hiring a professional design team to  create and implement a comfortable and functional working environment, ensuring that their staff are happy and productive while at the office.

It's one thing though, to create amazing visuals and designs, but the truth is your designs are only as good as the contractors and project team that implement them. In this case I am happy to confirm that our design and build team BMC Projects made this a reality.

Thanks to BMC Projects the project was completed on time, within the given budget, quality and finishes ensured by constant supervision and attention to detail. With our client delighted to see their  management and staff happy and settled in their new workspace..

From a design perspective we opened up the work space, encouraging communication and work flow between the different divisions, considering their functions and roles.

To create interest and divisions between the different departments we introduced fresh funky colours which tied in with the Acino colours and image. Colour plays an important role in the way we function and interact, keeping this in mind the colours used in each section were carefully selected, researched and considered.

 Resent research confirms the importance of nature in the workspace and home for general health and wellbeing, we achieved this with plants and nature wallpapers, bringing the outside inside. 

We will soon be implementing the next phase which is already in design stage so watch this space for updates and enjoy...

In the following posts I will continue with winter tips to warm up the home...