New Mainbed Project, Online How it Worked Out...

We really excited to be going ahead with this stunning new Main Bedroom project, our client is thrilled to get started having approved the designs.

So how did this work online...Good question? Well in this case our client needed building alterations done to the space which were a little complicated and could not be communicated clearly online.

No problem, we arranged a site visit which took 2hrs to measure, take the brief and give constructive design input and ideas. Site visits are charged at R920 per hour, over and above the design fees, they usually take no more than two hrs and are well worth it in such situations.

We then proceeded with the design and concept work, communicating online, putting together two concepts, plans and drawings for the BIC's. Our client finalized the designs via email and we made the necessary changes until they were totally happy with the final look and feel.

We then met at the fabric house and furniture outlets to finalize fabrics, wallpaper, finishes and furniture. Due to the fact that all designs were finalized and confirmed this took 2hrs at the most and proved to be an easy exercise, with very little of the usual confusion.

In conclusion, although the entire design process did not take place online... it proved to be lot quicker due to the fact that most of the work was done and finalized online, this eliminated too many site meetings wasting precious time, by the time we met to conclude the design with the real deal, the concept was firmly in place eliminating endless shopping trips and confusion due to the many choices and styles out there.

So I would say this proved to a be a stress free, successful exercise ...for both client and designer.

i would guess that most of us have problems with clutter...i love this book because if you just take 15min a day to organize your wont overwhelm you to the point of doing nothing!

By Cassandra Aarssen