Introducing Biophilic Design into our New Office Project...


It's great to see that our clients are educating themselves and embracing biophilic design. This new office project we are working on is an exciting start to the year and has also been a great opportunity to introduce the concept of biophilic design into an otherwise depressing space.

With plant walls, water features, nature images, natural textures such as stone and wood we have connected the space to nature, uplifting the interiors and the energy of the building.

Splashes of colour, modern furniture pieces and wall finishes, open spaces and informal meeting areas give the interior a modern updated feel, encouraging movement, collaboration and productivity.

It's quite refreshing to work with clients who understand the concept of how colour, natural light  and nature has an effect on the health and productivity of their employees. This also shows us that employers are becoming interested in improving the office environment to encourage productivity and the general well being of their staff.  

Creating Biophilic Buildings
By Amanda Sturgeon